Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Taking off again...

to a new house in a new country with new visitors. This is Cleo, who visits us every day.

She lives just up the road but she clearly thinks our house and our garden are hers during the day!

She's not the only cat either, there have been others. One of the regulars turned up a few weeks ago with a plastic Tupperware lid around his neck so I spent some time trying to get close enough to get it off but he was obviously not used to human contact so I called in a cat rescue organisation who sorted him and out and brought him back.

While I was trying to lure him with food, I had to bring Cleo in or she'd eat all his food! She was happy to let him have the food in return for a nice comfy sofa and because she didn't want to be thrown out, she'd stay quite still, hoping, I'm sure, that we'd forget she was there! It made her the perfect life model and I really enjoyed sketching her. These were done in my favourite little Green & Stone travel sketchbook (3"x5').