Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trigger happy

I'm not even going to think about why inspiration suddenly strikes or suddenly dries up because it seems to make no sense at all! Months of having no urge to draw abruptly ended when I saw the woman with the receding chin (middle) and had to draw her. I drew the man on the left, sitting in Geneva airport before we got on the plane to Stockholm last week, still not really feeling it. I'm sure that was the trigger but maybe the seed was sown when I was in the Royal Palace and saw the most beautiful crowns and jewels and noticed a sign that said 'no photography and no sketching allowed'? What? I wasn't even thinking of sketching until I saw that!

The last drawing in the little sketchbook was this one, drawn on a flight from Dublin in April. Profiles are so fascinating and this man (the two on the left) had a very flat face. I think I managed to capture him well but I couldn't get a decent likeness at all with the man behind. Luck of the draw!