Tuesday, October 25, 2011

September and October postcards

Time for a little update on this poor, neglected blog! This is the postcard I sent Martin in Germany, for the month of September. As it was quite hot at the time, I wasn't doing a lot of walking so it seemed more fitting to paint some things from the garden. We had some fabulous little bugs at the time and they were obviously enjoying our delicious leaves so I wanted to include those too.

This is the October card for Vivien in England and I kept it very simple partly because I wasn't feeling very inspired at the time - it seemed to be a lull between all the summer colours disappearing and the autumn colours taking over but the maples were looking lovely.

I haven't been all that happy with the postcards I've produced but I always enjoy adding little sketches to the back and envelope. I'm always late sending my cards off so the snail has become my trademark! I've just finished reading a lovely and fascinating book called The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Tova Bailey. Basically a book about illness (the author is bedridden and given a pot of violets with a snail by one of her visitors!) and snails but it makes you thankful for all the  basic things we take for granted every single day and a respect for the tiny little things, like snails, we share the world with. Definitely a book to read to keep things in perspective.