Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sinéad O'Connor

Don't ask me why I drew Sinéad O'Connor, I have no idea! Inspiration just disappeared over the summer but it's been slowly returning and I just thought I'd draw something, anything, to get going again when I saw her face.

I did think about drawing on white paper again (I think I may have forgotten how!) but I just enjoy this brown paper (by Paperchase) so much and it's so quick to do portraits on it! I used all Derwents here except for Black and White in the Luminance range because of their coverage, and a Lyra Rembrandt Warm Slate Grey which is irreplaceable - I haven't seen another grey in quite that shade and it's perfect for skin. In the Derwents I used a lot of Light Rust for the foundation, and lots of Venetian Red, Golden Brown, Mahogany (gorgeous colour!) and Magenta. Actually there was a Polychromos Purple in there too but only a touch as it seems to go on quite heavy. Mineral Green (Derwent) was used for the background.