Monday, May 28, 2007

Watercolours and EDM # 62

This blog is very quiet because I'm learning how to use watercolours! There hasn't been much to show since it's mostly practising colour mixing and learning about the water/pigment ratio but this little pear isn't too bad (compared to what I've been doing!). I've called it EDM #62 (draw a challenge you've done before in a new medium) so I can at least put something on the blog! I've tried to keep it fairly loose and have attempted to mix colours on the paper and not the palette but I suspect I have to keep going for a few years more before I can get the sort of control I'd like!

These are my Winsor & Newtons. I have a little set of Schminckes too which are gorgeous but I decided to focus only on these to simplify while I'm still learning. I still have so much to learn about papers and brushes but for the time being I love Arches HP satine (as it's called here, it may be just called smooth elsewhere?). The brushes I keep changing my mind about - one week I use just the mops and now I like using the smaller brushes. I found it quite difficult at first, but as I'm making my subjects smaller, I'm feeling more comfortable. I still don't feel I'm there yet (I like working small when I'm drawing and probably I need to go smaller) but it's all part of the learning curve.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday sketch

I was expecting a quiet Sunday at home but it didn't quite go to plan, I had to take one of the boys to the doctor's. I realised, on the way home, that as Sunday's are really quiet here (shops all close) it was a good opportunity to draw outside without too many people around. The sketchbook was a little too small and the seat I found a little too close to draw the whole of this plane tree!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Life drawing and sketching

This week's life drawing is a little different as I concentrated on the model's face.

The model turned up late so we took it in turns to pose for each other - I'm glad she arrived just before it was my turn! These were very quick, unfinished sketches and I only got the cap of the third but I think they capture something of the subjects and they are quite nice to have.

After doing these it felt natural to concentrate on the model's face. I found myself using an HB so I decided to stay with it rather than having some darker areas drawing attention away. Also, after doing the face and some shading on the body and arm it felt finished but I continued anyway to see if it would look any better. It didn't but no matter, I quite like it. There's nothing wrong with the foot, by the way, it just didn't fit on the scanner!